Pricing.- Completed house prices can be between£700/sq.metre and £1400/sq.metre depending on specification. (Purpose made joinery, natural materials, eco products, client involvement, heating system, full height volumes.) Barns and outbuildings can be less as the specification will be lower.

Timber frame only prices

For a more specific guide price please discuss your specification with us and consider the following criteria: i) Building type - House, extension, barn, outbuilding, hall. ii) Building size - Floor area -iii) Overall length ie. Number of bays - iv)Width -( Lean-to or aisle additions) -v) Height (1 storey, 1.5 storey, 2 storey, combination) - Any full height volumes and vaulted spaces:-. vi) Basic Structure Main post and beam structural members only. (not including rafters/studs/joists) . vii) Main structure and additional spec.for rafters, studs, joists, dormer windows, chamfering beam edges, etc.)